Ocean Deforestation Causes

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Causes and consequences
The principal reason the ocean is contaminating is because of humankind, such as factories, trash, petroleum, deforestation, and other reasons.
Most of our trash is made of plastic, it takes 1000 years to degrade, this material has killed thousands of animals per year, because they get intoxicated or affixed.
The glass is another material that can kill animals of the ocean, some fish may get stuck inside the bottle and die because of hunger, others may eat broken glass and bleed out because in damaged its organs.
If you eat a banana at the beach or any kind of fruit, there's no problem, this is biodegradable, this cannot hurt the ocean or the marine species, also this degrades so fast that it's still not dangerous
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because lately people have demanded some fish species making them in danger of losing its habitat and go in extinction.
In many countries and places, people has started developing artesany from marine animals and coral reefs, never purchase them, when you purchase them you are supporting their work making them keep developing more things and killing. Pink and red corals are being used for jewelry and sold in high prices for its beauty, but they belong in the ocean.
Reduce the use of plastic, each plastic you use ends up in the ocean, animals such as fish and birds confuse it as food and choke themselves to death. An experiment was done in United States, opening a dead bird they found out his body was full of trash.
When you have done the change in you life, influence friends to make change too. you need to make a connection with the nature, to learn and understand that your actions can have a strong impact.
Many people around the world are cleaning up beaches from trash, some marine biologists are snorkeling to collect trash in the sea, some have almost died tangled with fish line, there are campaigns helping with conserving some species in danger and the ocean, lend your support to them and love the ocean and its
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