Consequences Of The Outsiders In William Shakespeare's Othello

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Othello finds himself an outsider because he realize that he is black, so he is not a good husband to choose. He has a different religion, so he is not fully accepted by Venetian society. He is confused and doubts himself. He doubts why his wife chose him. He doubts why the society named him such exalted position. He lacks a fortifying defense to reject notions and assert by his enemies that they do not apply to him. Rather, his identity as an outsider is that he absorbs what is imposed upon him and what he consciously seek to reject. By making adaptation, we applied the essences into the context that closely related to us. The context of our group is at work. Three essences should be implemented into the acting, including outsider, insider, and conflicts. Young Chinese lady became the outsider and American lady who jealous her became insider. The roles we set were based on Othello and our own experience as outsider. We tried to present how this outsider feel, how she doubt herself and how helpless she is. The play was not only a show, but a reflection of ourselves. The label of "Chinese" was obviously referred in the acting many times to stress how ethnicity alienated the outsider. What made us more clearer about the outsider and how outsider and insider behave was another scaffolding activity addressed in class, the power dynamic. I had strong feelings of depression, frustration and helplessness when being an outsider, and controlled by the power. Just like Meimei was
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