Consequences Of The Roman Empire

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What were the causes and consequences of the fall of the Roman Empire
In western Europe

The Roman Empire was the most powerful empire that the world has ever seen. That is a good reason to know the causes of the fall of this magnificent and powerful empire, so we can prevent it in the future. Besides we also can say that we are involved in this situation because we are the “consequences” of this disaster. That 's why it is important to look back into the past and ask yourself "why did this happened?", so this is what I 'll be looking at in this essay. What were the main reasons (political,religious,military,economic, etc) why the western part of the Roman Empire collapsed and therefore what were the consequences of it.

Rome was being attacked by many external forces, but it was also collapsing from the inside due to an internal economic crisis. This crisis led to the creation of oppressive taxes so the rich had to move to the countryside to avoid the taxman and they started to create new fiefdoms, in the other side the inflation was growing and the difference between the poor and the rich increased. On the other hand, Rome was going through a labor deficit. Rome 's economy depended on slaves who worked the fields and craftsmen, plus the military people put to work the new conquered territories. From the second century the acquisition of slaves and other war treasures began to descend. In the V century the Vandals claimed North Africa, and began to disrupt the
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