Motif Of Time In The Great Gatsby

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“I wouldn't ask too much of her, I ventured. You can't repeat the past. Can't repeat the past? he cried incredulously. Why of course you can!” (110). This quote is stated by Nick and Gatsby. Nick is talking to Gatsby. It’s located in the first four sentences. He’s talking to Gatsby, who is determined to catch his dream, and tells him that his dream is basically an illusion and he’s unable to obtain his dream. Gatsby, of course, refuse to believe Nick’s realism and wants to continue to attempt his dream. Nick seems more contemplative and clinical while Gatsby feels determined and corrigible. This quote shows that Nick is trying to warn Gatsby that you can’t change the past while Gatsby refuses to believe it. In short, Gatsby struggles against time. Gatsby is characterized as a determined and wealthy yet charming individual. Of…show more content…
Gatsby struggles to achieve his desires of getting Daisy back and live happily ever after. His dreams are unattainable at this point and he doesn’t recognize that he has to accept where they stand and move on; in addition, he also struggles to realize that time cannot go back as he tries after 5 years to get with Daisy like time hasn’t past and things haven’t change. Furthermore, this quote portrays how the 1920’s was a time of dramatic political and social change. How expansion grew so quickly it makes people want to stay in the past where it was much simpler and not as complex as it has become during that time. The 1920’s base you mostly from your race and social class not to mention everyone wants to chase this American Dream. Gatsby represents a person who hard works in order to achieve his dream, but is unable to because of his social class and time. Gatsby refuses to believe that time can’t change because internally he wants things to go back like how they use to after he has gained something that use to be a weakness that prevented him from marrying
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