Consequentialism And Climate Change

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The issue of climate change has drastically affected many major economic problems due to global warming. Ethic framework both formally and informally, shapes and influences the decision people make through Catholic social teachings as well Consequentialism. The concepts of climate change will be exploring the human idea of the common good towards the contemporary ethical matters with the understandings of the Catholic church as well Catholic social teaching. Consequentially this brief explanation will identify the extent of the Catholic church through their methods and position compared to the concepts of consequentialism. Currently, the Catholic church established strong position towards protecting the environment which aligns with the ideology…show more content…
In the past few months, Pope Francis started to identify that climate change is destroying our home. A powerful statement by Pope Francis is Encyclical Laudato Si "The climate is a common good, belonging to all and meant for all. At the global level, it is a complex system linked to many of the essential conditions for human life." This passage from Encyclical Laudato Si identifies that climate change is affecting the way we connect and understand the essential means to be human. Without light and dark they are no life and without emotions, they are no climate. The meaning of life and climate change is that if we continue to pollute the atmosphere with greenhouse gases then the world we live in we die. Also, the Pope acknowledges that climate change is important religiously as well economical "Many of those who possess more resources and economic or political power seem mostly to be concerned with masking the problems or concealing their symptoms, simply making efforts to reduce some of the negative impacts of climate change." Even though the political power is not trying to the reduce the greenhouse gas emitted the pope still recognise that there are a lot of ways people can help the…show more content…
Consequentialism as an ethical framework towards the issue of climate change results in the principles of human nature in which everything has a consequent. Consequentialism is fundamentally a result type ethical framework. Importantly, climate change is affecting the lives of many people as well it supports the Catholic view of the common good. Consequentialism does not itself say what kinds of consequences are good. Hence people can agree on consequentialism while disagreeing about what kind of outcome is good or bad (IEP, 2018). This very essential in fact that many people really don't care much about climate change hence they neglect that fact that the world is slowly being engulfed by humanity's
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