Gordon Gekko Consequentialism Essay

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From a consequentialist viewpoint however the action is morally right because the end justifies the means (Piercey, 2001), therefore this viewpoint seems the most normal. However during the second scenario within the movie consequentialism no longer plays a role to support the moral theory. Here it is evident the Gekko uses Fox for his own personal gain – manipulating a person as means to an end. Both theories seem to have their benefits and it is a real problem choosing which theory is true and which characters are morally right, if any. [3] The first thing I noted when I listened to Gekko’s speech was that he firstly did not speak about greed as much but rather the appraisal and satisfaction of overpaid corporate executives. The focus here…show more content…
To be an egoist is to put your own interests ahead of those of others. Gekko conjures the image of an egoist who is ruthless, unprincipled and inconsiderate. Some moral philosophers are praising virtues of egoism. Egoism could firstly be seen as a psychological fact and secondly an ethical ideal. Some may claim that egoism is a psychological fact and that deep down we are just selfish beings who acts to maximise our own interests. [5] In the book written by Adam Smith, “The Wealth of Nations”, Smith supported that entrepreneurs should be allowed to act in a self-interest manner, free from moral restrictions. Egoism here is not embraced as an ethical ideal, it rather means towards a desirable end – common good. If moral constraints on self-interest behaviour is removed to promote common good this will only happen if the interests do not conflict and that there is an alternative behaviour constraint. Egoism is not an ethical ideal either. [5] “The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works.” Gordon Gekko [6] Here it demonstrates a principle of selfish egoism in its purest form. It promotes the self and own good. Actions are only considered as right when it brings more benefits than harm to oneself. Throughout the movie money is
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