Consequentialism Is Wrong

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These issues are really serious problems which are against ethically methods. For example, according to the textbook, “Transcendental” leads people to think about basic rules of human experience, what good life is, what good behavior is and how we do tell right from wrong. I think consequentialism is always happened in the world. It means how good or bad on action is depends on its results. In the Sierra Leone situation, there were long civil war, and after this, some bad things happened. After that, many people were suffering by this war. Therefore, bad results are caused by before doing bad. The problem of the war, like Sierra Leone Civil War is difficult to decide what is really right and wrong because of depending on where we are. As I think naturally, bad action such as killing people is bad surely. However, if I belong to Japanese soldier troops then I must kill people for my country who enemy from other county, it is a good way to do so. It is more like a right way because a lot of people who have same opinion or thoughts agree what they do.…show more content…
Also, it requires many agreements from people who have same ideas. In conclusion, I think killing people is not good even government and people in your country say kill people to get win the war is good way, what no matter, it should be prevented. Human right should be saved as well and we should try to get peace world for all people’s

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