Conservatism In America Summary

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In The Rise of Conservatism in America, Story and Laurie have gathered different articles, newspaper sources, interviews, and addresses into a volume of documents that reflected the sudden increase of conservative values throughout American history. More historical figures spoke and pointed out the flaws of liberalism as it dominated the government until the early 1960s. As these documents point out the wrongs of liberalism, it also explains why the nation needed to reintroduce itself to conservatism. While both liberals and conservatives’ purpose was to find the best possible way for America to function, the conservatives sought out plans for traditionalism and in order to preserve the original wording of the United States’ democracy in response…show more content…
He helped Nixon’s presidential campaign by capitalizing on the “backlash” against cultural and racial disorder. Agnew accused the society of being reckless and inexperienced for using tantrums and yelling matches as a form of protest in the radical movement. Agnew claimed that “America today is drifting toward Plato’s classic definition of a degenerating democracy… a democracy that permits the voice of the mob to dominate the affairs of government (S&L 79). To be a Platonic democracy is to be consumed with unnecessary desires. Agnew used this metaphor to emphasize how the government (particularly in the Kennedy and Johnson administration) has adopted new unnecessary programs of liberalism. Many of these programs included civil rights bills, housing and urban development, immigration acts, and medicare/Medicaid (Lecture Notes). Agnew stressed that it was time to stop imposing the immature actions of the society; by using these simple-minded actions, it is implying that society can solve real issues by using mediocre tactics. Agnew called those who are destroying their liberties “snobs for most of them disdain to mingle with the masses who work for a living. They mock the common man’s pride in his work, his family, and his country…(S&L 80).” The destruction of the values are unhealthy for society because they are destroying the liberty of the country. Instead of valuing this, the society should be focused on an ethic that stresses individualism, human dignity, and order. The crumbling of democracy is because the society now lacks order, according to Agnew. In order for society to get back on track, it needs to focus on what is most important for the society to advance, and gain back self-control and traditionalism instead of acting
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