Conservative Argument Against Racial Profiling

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James Forman Jr. composed an article called Arrested Development which questions the conservative stance on racial profiling. Conservatives general principles assert the less emphasis on race and that with “equal right, come equal responsibilities.(25)” He targets this piece towards conservatives who oppose racial profiling to indicate that conservatives should be against racial profiling because it profoundly violates core conservative values. The conservative ethos about work and responsibility demanded that American citizens take charge for their own lives and not become dependent on the government. The Maya Angelou Public Charter school was build to insure students graduate and don’t have to live off welfare. They inspire students and demand responsibility of the…show more content…
They are considered color blind, meaning they see people as equal no matter what their race is. Although the conservatives say they don’t see color and they don’t want the government involved, black men still see themselves as victims because police routinely make them victims by forcing them to assume positions to be pat down.(26) The black students at Maya Angelou are aware that this only happens outside their school and not at the predominately white St. Albans, but Conservatives say they are colorblind. Colorblind people should not agree with racial profiling, but conservatives do.
“Most conservatives who support racial profiling are not racist, they simply consider racial profiling as effective law enforcement” (26). If conservatives believe that the government should put less emphasis on race, then the conservatives should attempt to end discriminatory police practices because it has been proven less effective. Formans main argument is that conservatives should be against racial profiling based on their core values, yet they consider it effective law
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