Conservative Dream Act Analysis

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Due to a recent repeal of the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival), a family is left wondering whether it is going to remain together or be separated. Domingo Gonzales, a man who illegally arrived in the United States at a young age, was accepted into the DACA program on his second arrival into the US. This program allows individuals who entered the US as a minor (illegally) to receive a two-year delay of deportation and a work-permit. Now that the DACA has be repealed, Gonzales’ wife, Flor Torres and three children (one on the way) do not know what is going to happen to their husband/father. Others like Gonzalez can apply for a two-year extension if a deadline is met. As a reaction to the repeal, a “conservative Dream Act” was brought…show more content…
Domingo Gonzales currently has two children with his wife and one of the way. He is facing the possibility of being deported. How will the lives of his Torres and their children be affected? The transition stages become altered due to the loss of the father figure in the family. It seems as if the family is currently transitioning between stage 2 (childbearing) stage 3 (preschool aged kids) and stage 4 (school aged kids). If Gonzales were to be deported, Torres would be left to continue raising her two born children, while also having to deal with pregnancy and eventually an infant child. How is a mother expected to do all of this without a father to help her out? The lack of one parent could eventually lead to problems with the children because the overview of three children can be near impossible. I believe that the most difficult part for Gonzales’ wife will be having an infant to raise alone, if Gonzales is deported. That is a life adjustment that, while she has done it twice before with her husband, is quite challenging to do solo. Also, if Domingo Gonzales were to be deported, each transition stage becomes alter, specifically for Torres. Duvall explains that one of the tasks for stage 8 (middle-aged parents) is to return focus to the couple’s relationship. How is Torres going to be able to focus on her relationship when her husband has been deported? The answer is that
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