Conservative Ideology Research Paper

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Conservative Ideology’s war on poor Black people
Traditional conservative thought is against social change/helping the poor, holds a deep belief that inequality among humans is natural, wants to uphold institutions that were created to be inhumane to Black people thus keeping inequality as the way of life in America, and takes various elements from the bible to create a bias culture of moral righteousness. Contemporary conservative ideology follows along the same framework, but uses new language/policies that further dehumanizes the poor/especially poor Black people, and blames Black women for their own struggle in America. Overall, conservatives want to return to an older time in American history while still lacking the concept of accountability.
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Reagan’s campaign against poor Black people was successful in sharpening discrimination at a national level, even after the Civil Rights Movement worked to end discrimination within the system. Tillotson strongly argues that conservative ideology is “anti-African American agency and as an ideology it poses a significant threat to the internal security of African Americans” (51). Also that it has “destroyed to a large degree any efforts at an equal playing field for poverty stricken citizens of African ancestry in America” (Tillotson 50). Tillotson includes W.D. Wright’s argument that welfare segregates African Americans in ghettos by acting as a “substitution for educating masses of Black people” (40), and failing to properly train them for good paying jobs. Furthermore, even if they were skilled, they are already closed out of the job market based on skin color, the only place available for Black folks to remain is as an exploited underpaid cheap labor

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