Conservative Interpretation Of The Constitution Essay

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The opposite spectrum of the interpretation of the creed is the conservative outlook of the constitution. Conservative interpretation of the constitution tends to have a much stricter view on interpreting the constitution than liberals, it is important to emphasize the belief that the founding fathers had at the time. Antonin Scalia the conservative supreme court judge referred to the constitution as “Dead”. This means that the constitution is not an organic document that is free to interpretation, he believes that what is written is how it should be interpreted. The conservatives believe that this is what you want and while liberals may believe that the constitution is broad to allow for interpretation, conservatives believe that is was left…show more content…
The constitution is a masterpiece and there has never been a document quite like it in American history and while we use the document to base all of our rights that we enjoy today off of it it is certainly not without controversy. The constitution is the result of our Creed as American 's believing that we have a right to life, liberty and happiness and the government created to protect these rights should be for the people by the people, the constitution is the written guidelines to ensure that the goal was accomplished. Liberals and Conservatives alike both share a love and patriotism for this country, it is how they believe the constitution should be enforced that differs. Conservative values say that the constitution means what it says and liberal interpretation is a false point. It is easy to agree with this point, however we would have no right to privacy if this is how the supreme court interpreted the constitution, this right is only a reasonable assumption based of the amendments that we did have. On the other hand we have Liberal interpretations, this can fill in the blanks that aren 't covered in the constitution. With a living document you can used the guidance of the constitution and apply it to modern time. The fear that comes from a liberal interpretation is from the fact that there is no way to know if your conclusions from interpretation are aligned with the constitution or the founding fathers or not; and you do run the risk of having a secret agenda being
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