Conserve The Forest In Section 7 Of National Forestry Act 1948

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First recommendation is to preserve the forest by the virtue of section 7 of national forestry act 1948. In section 7 of National Forestry act 1948, it provides that a land could be declared as reserved by a notification which states the reason and the date it is commenced. By preserving the land, we are actually making the ecosystem balance again. We share this world with animals and plants. We need to consider about them too as they are our primary source of food. If we cut down all the trees, eventually all the animals will die too as it is their source of food and shelter. It will also lead to the extinctions of the human species. The advantage of this recommendation is that we could maintain the peace and harmony with ecosystem. Another benefit is our primary source of food will also not extinct. These will help to create a healthier generation. It can also become the source of income for the country as tourism spot. However the disadvantage is that the development of the country will slow down or could stop. It will also increase the cost of the government to maintain the land. Second recommendation is to plant tree after deforestation by the virtue of section 24 (b) of national forestry act 1948. This section provides reforestation plan. Reforestation is the action of renewing forest cover by natural seeding or by the artificial planting of seeds or young trees. If the person does not follow this plan his or her license will

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