Consider The Lobster By Dalai Lama Analysis

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Prepare For Future Some people say that human have to eat other creatures, because human used too many years and experienced too many difficulties for standing on the top of food chain. Human deserves to eat other animals. In Buddhism, it is publicize that every life is equal. With this education, the Dalai Lama always thinks things in moral ways. Thus, he writes an essay called “Ethics and the New Genetics”. He thinks that this world is develop so fast. Human needs to slow their steps and handle things in more moral ways. Also, when the other writer called David Foster Wallace went to the Maine Lobster Festival, he saw how heartless people treat with lobsters. An essay called “Consider the Lobster” was published. Wallace writes that…show more content…
It is obvious that the lives of human are pretty good in these years. However, there still exist some problems. Some of them are noticed by human nowadays, but others are potential issues. This era is developing, so people need to consider more about future lives. As the Dalai Lama mentions, “In developing an ethical strategy with respect to the new genetics, it is vitally important to frame our reflection within the widest possible context.”(139) In Dalai Lama’s words, the time is ripe to think problems from ethic side. People chase profit too long. People need to start think how to treat things in moral ways. Otherwise, people will get painful in the future. This painful not about physical, but it is about human. By that time no one can save human, because only human feel that painful, other creatures cannot. As Wallace claims, “Since pain is a totally subjective mental experience, we do not have direct access to anyone or anything’s pain but our own”(505) Moral problem is human’s thing. It becomes better or worse totally depend on human. The moral problem will more and more evident in the future. Human needs to find problem and come up with good solutions to avoid the painful. Conversely, human will likes lobsters, other creature just look at us, but they cannot feel how painful we are. Hence, only human can save human. Please be more insight and prepare enough for our
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