Consistency In Classroom

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1) Explain how Trust, Safety, and Consistency can impact the functioning of a classroom -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As professional educators we often focus on only academics when evaluate the success and effectiveness of our teaching and the impact it has on our students. It is important for us to remember that students in our classrooms have lives beyond our doors. Extracurricular activities, social functions with peers, jobs and family responsibilities are just some of the common external factors that an average student will deal with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it is important for us to remember that for some of our students, hunger, violence and neglect are also be are…show more content…
Safety is the most important and essential quality we must provide for our students. If a student is scared or fearful they will not be able to they will be unable to focus on anything else. Our students must feel safe from physical harm, emotional harm and social harm. Our classrooms must provide an environment that is free of physical emotional and or social threats for students to feel safe. A consistent classroom environment is a critical piece for allowing all students to develop and grow personally and academically. If a classroom is quiet and controlled one day, and loud and chaotic the next day, it creates an environment that will be ineffective. For students coming from homes full of turmoil the inconsistent classroom environment will force them to remain on the edge of their seat fearful of what may come next. Consistency in the classroom also is important in how a teacher interacts with a student in the behavioral choices. Inconsistent consequences for consistent behavior will not provide an environment where a student can learn and improve the decision making process. A classroom teacher that effectively provides a safe and consistent classroom environment will eventually begin to earn the students trust. If students do not trust their teacher the learning and personal growth opportunities will be minimal at best. Classroom rules regarding safety can be required and enforced…show more content…
Student will participate in classroom activities and will be able to focus on academic concerns when they are not concerned for their safety. Additionally, students who may experience here ridicule or hazing will re-engage more quickly in a consistent and safe classroom setting. Common student behaviors designed for testing teacher consistency and classroom limits will diminish when students begin to understand the responses are in fact consistent. Therefore, this energy can be redirected for personal and academic growth. Furthermore, more serious student behavior, as a form of language, may also diminish in a safe and consistent classroom environment. As teachers earn student trust more desirable forms communication can take place. Next, students who show physical or social aggression towards peers that is motivated from a desire to preemptively provide personal security motivated from of a lack of safety in their personal lives, may decrease their behaviors when provided a consistently safe environment. Finally and most importantly, a teacher who has consistently adequately provided a safe learning environment will help to positively change and reshape students’ world
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