Conspiracy Case Study

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The scenario given was very complex with many different people and elements. The scenario revolves mostly around a conspiracy. The elements needed in order to be a conspiracy are: an agreement between two or more people, the intention to carry out an act that is unlawful or one that is lawful but is to be accomplished by unlawful means, a culpable intent on the part of the defendants, and depending on the jurisdiction, preparation, an overt act, or a substantial step in furtherance of the conspiracy. All the elements to a conspiracy were met in this case. There was an agreement between four people: Beth, Jane, Reggie, and Reggie’s associate. The act that they intended to carry out was murder, which is unlawful. Each had an intent, Beth’s was to get her husband’s, Donald, life insurance money. Jane did not like…show more content…
There were substantial steps to further the conspiracy as they came into an agreement on the amount of money to be paid and who was going to commit the actual crime. Beth, Jane, Reggie, and Reggie’s associate should all be charged in the conspiracy. The reason is that each of them entered an agreement with at least one other person and each person performed an act to further the agreement. The people who should not be charged are Donald, because he is the victim and Minerva due to the fact that she went to the police to report the crime. There are two types of conspiracies, a wheel conspiracy and a chain conspiracy. A wheel conspiracy deals only with a ringleader, who serves as a central hub, and not with one another. A chain conspiracy means that the people involved follow in a sequence and deal with only the individual who comes before them. This case is a chain conspiracy, because there is no specific leader of the conspiracy. Even though it is Beth’s plan, each conspirator does not answer directly to her, but rather they follow in a sequence. Each person deals with the person before them.
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