The 9-11 Conspiracy

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For hundreds of years, conspiracy theories have stemmed and evolved about various events, raising major controversies, but before we examine the different types, let's ask ourselves: what even is a conspiracy theory? A conspiracy theory is a belief that explains an event or situation as being a result of a scheme by an organization, group or the government. Conspiracy theories can have a huge impact on people’s opinions and decisions, just like the 9-11 attack, vaccines for kids, and the moon landing plots have.

One of the main conspiracy theories is about the 9-11 attack. Every year, on September 11th, America grieves the loss of its citizens in the 9-11 attack by the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. To some people, however, the attack was
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Everyone in elementary school learns about the moon and knows that Neil Armstrong, in 1969, was the first man to lay foot on the moon. But what if he wasn’t the first person; what if no one ever landed on the moon and the landings were all a big scam? Many people believe this theory for many reasons. For starters, in the pictures and recordings it shows the American flag is flapping as if there’s wind, but in a vacuum, there physically can’t be any wind. Scientists oppose this idea by saying that it is, in fact possible, and add on by stating that the astronaut who was holding the flag was moving it. People then often ask, “where are the stars?” and scientists reply that the stars are too faint for the camera to pick up, but others dismiss the idea by saying that is absurd. John Fuller, also writes, “in one of the most famous pictures of the moon there is a “c” rock; a rock that has the letter “c” on it. This makes it seem as if everything was staged and the rocks were merely props- only the set designer was careless enough to not flip the rock over, revealing the letter.” NASA opposes all moon landing theories with their most compelling evidence; “Geologists worldwide have been examining the lunar rocks brought back by astronauts for many years-the rocks simply could not have been collected or manufactured on Earth.” Others still skeptic, are spreading their theories around, which raises the question, “Who is telling the
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