Kat Henry Constellation Analysis

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The 2017 dramatic comedy theatre performance Constellations by Nick Payne follows the lives of Roland and Marianne through the span of many different alternate realities each being slightly different from one another. This play is very good at its job effectively engaging a contemporary audience. This performance entices the audience with its unique and effective story telling style. The director Kat Henry uses the dramatic conventions of heightened realism, absurdism and post modernism, in combination with many dramatic elements such as time and space to create an interesting outcome that really leaves the audience wanting more information to peace the puzzle together.
The use of heightened realism in this performance is the most prominent convention used
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This performances style of postmodernism causes the audience to question whether any of the alternate realties would have a different outcome or whether any of this matters this sort of view questioning leaves the audience with a deeper connection to the story and characters which has been done to a near perfect extent making you feel as if you are a part of this story. Questioning leaves audiences open to discuss with the meaning of this performance maybe even coming up with their own alternate view, this effectiveness to get people talking helps the whole postmodern style in achieving its goal of enlightening its audience with different
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