Constitution Act Of 1982

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CHC2D Position Paper 1982-Present:
Canada’s rules and rights are a part of what defines the nation. Without the implementation of laws, Canada and any other nation for that matter would not be able to live so cohesively. When analyzing the laws and constitutions that Canada has put into place, the most important law is very debateable. However, after doing research it is very clear that the most significant issue that Canada has faced to this day is the enactment of The Constitution Act of 1982, and the effect it has had on Canada. The rights and fundamental rules in the act has changed Canada for the better. Aboriginal rights have been enforced, everyone has equal rights, no matter who they are, and most importantly it confirmed the independence
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They had been abused and discriminated. Before the act, Residential Schools were organized by the Canadian government to take children away from their families for a long period of time. They trained them to do manual labor in agriculture such as woodworking and domestic work such as sewing. They were not allowed to speak their own language, and acknowledge their own heritage and culture. If they did, they would be punished badly. They were abused sexually, physically, emotionally, psychologically, and etc. The intent of the government and the churches was to eradicate the Aboriginal culture in the children so they would not transmit it one generation to the next. These are one of the many horrible things that happened to the Aboriginals.Now because of the Constitution, they have equal and fair rights such as voting, which they are now able to do. The Constitution is the most important issue in this time period because the Aboriginals now have unbiased and just…show more content…
Before the Constitution, Canada was not entirely an independent country. This is because Britain had the power to change and adjust the constitution whenever they wanted. This meant to become independent, they had to patriate the constitution from Britain. It originally was called the British North American Act however due to the adjustment of the act the name changed. Canada had many problems that needed fixing and their independency is what let them add and adjust the rules to make Canada a better place for all people. Being able to adjust the rules themselves was better because they knew the problems that they faced, not Britain. This is why the Constitution and its effects is the most significant issue facing Canada today because it helped Canada become
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