Constitution Dbq

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From the failure of the Articles, should the new government, the Constitution, be approved? In 1788, the Constitution was created as the Articles of Confederation wasn’t successful and strong enough for their new government. During that time, a debate went throughout America about the Constitution whether to ratify it or not. Yes, the Constitution should be ratified because a Bill of Rights was promised, no one overpowered (in the government; checks and balances), and it is fair to both citizens and officials. Starting off, a bill of rights was promised which would ensure many things for the citizens. In Document E, it set 10 Amendments such as: “Amendment 1 U.S. citizens have freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition.”…show more content…
All branches check up on each other as executive checks on the other two, legislative checks on the other two, and judicial checks on the other two (Document B). For example, judicial checks up on the legislative branch by declaring laws unconstitutional (Document B). All branches make sure they didn’t overpower each other and relied on the other branches. In Document C, the power is separated through three branches that all have different jobs to keep the nation running as there is a congress (ex: approve treaties), a president (ex: conducts foreign policy), and a supreme court (ex: interprets the Constitution and other laws). They all separate powers so one does not have all the power or so much. It is also known as the Separation of…show more content…
As seen in Document A, it compares the Articles and the Constitution. For the executive branch, (the Constitution) had president administrators that enforce federal laws while (the Articles) only takes care when the Congress is not there. For the legislative branch, (the Constitution) a bicameral legislature where each state has equal representation in the Senate and each state has proportional representation in the House of Representatives thus fixing the issue of representation for small and large states. The Articles had a unicameral legislature where each state has one vote no matter what population they had which was unfair for the small states. The Constitution had a national court system that hears different cases while the Articles didn’t have that at all. The two were very different as one was good while the other was bad. The Constitution had more power to serve the nation as one. The two were very different as one was good while the other was bad. The Constitution had more power to serve the nation as one. As said by John Jay in Document G, “Reflect that the [Constitution] comes recommended to you by men and fellow citizens . . . who love their country. At least . . . give the proposed Constitution a fair trial and to mend it as time, occasion, and experience may [require].” This ensure that the new written government is created for the people and will be trailed by the people to see if it is the best they
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