Constitution Guard Against Tyranny Dbq Analysis

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How Did the Constitution Guard Against Tyranny? Tyranny is a cruel and oppressive government or rule. In the late 1780s in Philadelphia, 55 people met because the Articles of Confederation were not working. They decided to create the Constitution that would guard against tyranny. The three main decisions that I chose that they had to make that would guard against tyranny were making the three branches of government, how the branches of government could check each other, and also how they made the rule that you would have representation according to population. One of the ways that the United States guarded against cruel and oppressive government or rule was that they made the three branches of government. These three branches were the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. This helped guard against cruel and oppressive government or rule because “they were separate and distinct powers.” (Doc B) This would help to guard against cruel and oppressive government or rule because all of these powers were separated so there wasn’t one overpowering government. Also, this helped because instead of there being one person or group to decide everything, there would be three different groups so that way they could get more done. What I…show more content…
What I mean by that is if the executive branch didn’t like something that the judicial branch was doing they could off a change or a different solution. So to make a long story short these branches weren’t completely separate. Written in Federalist Paper #51 it states that “The three branches should not be so far separated as to have no constitutional control over each other.” (Doc C) I also think that when Madison said that “The different governments will each control each other, but at the same time they each will also control themselves.” (Doc
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