Constitution Guard Against Tyranny Essay

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Have You Ever Wondered How The Constitution Guarded Against Tyranny?

Have you ever wondered how the constitution guarded against tyranny? This was the main question facing the 55 delegates at the constitutional convention held in philadelphia in 1787. Their job was to “frame a government that was strong enough to serve the needs of the new nation, and yet did not create any kind of tyranny.”, (Background Essay). Fortunately, they were successful! Tyranny is when one person takes over all the power in a government. The constitution guarded against tyranny in 4 different ways; Federalism, separation of powers, checks and balances, and big states and small states compromise.

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The Checks and Balances are the ways that the three branches of government check each other to make sure each one doesn’t go crazy with power. Legislative Branch checks the Judicial Branch, Judicial Branch checks the Executive Branch, and the Executive Branch checks the Legislative Branch. (Document C). This helps guard against tyranny because each of the branches can check the other one to make sure the branches don’t get too much power.

The final way that the constitution helped guard against tyranny was the Big States and Small States Compromise. This helped guard against tyranny because when this compromise happened, both big and small states had equal representation in the Senate equally, (Both big and small states had 2 representatives). In the House, a bigger state will have more representatives. (Doc D). This helps guard against tyranny because since both big and small states have equal representation, none of the states can become tyrants.

In 4 different ways, the constitution helped guard against tyranny. With Federalism, Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, and Big States and Small States Compromise. All of these ways are all very important, because they all help guard against tyranny in their own way. With the constitution and all of these different ways, there is a very, very slim chance that we will become a dictatorship like North

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