Constitution Of Virginia Essay

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The earliest of the colony 's is Virginia by its first charter, under the supreme government of a council residing in England and appointed by the king, who appointed a council of members of the colony, for its local administration.Then all executive and legislative powers were directly controlled by the king, and no rights of self-government were granted the people.In 1621 a written constitution was granted to the colony by the company, which ratified the arrangement made by Yeardley and added to it the highly-important provision that no orders of the company in England should have binding force upon the colony until ratified by the Assembly In 1621 a written constitution was granted to the colony by the company, which ratified the arrangement…show more content…
It was decided that all the export and import trade of the colonies should employ none but English vessels, and that tobacco, the principal product of Virginia, should be sent only to England. The trade between the colonies was likewise taxed for the benefit of England. The first version was written and adopted over a decade before the Federal Constitution. The Federal Constitution was written in 1787 to define how the separate states would form a "more perfect union." The Federal version has been amended but never replaced - though in 1861, there was an attempt to withdraw completely from the union, and 11 southern states lived under an alternative Confederate constitution for about 4 years. Unlike the US Constitution written in 1787, Virginia 's 1776 document made no provision for any amendments. Pressure for changes resulted in a constitutional convention in 1829 that wrote a new constitution, replacing rather than amending the one adopted in 1776. The 1830 constitution also provided for no amendment process, so another convention held in 1850 wrote Virginia 's third
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