Constitution Protect Against Tyranny Essay

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All throughout history and even today, tyranny is a problem in many countries, from North Korea to Cuba. Even America dealt with tyranny before the revolutionary war. After the war, we knew that our newfound country would not thrive under a tyrant’s rule, so a man named James Madison wrote the Constitution to protect our country against dictatorship. How exactly does the Constitution protect against oppression? The Constitution protect against tyranny through federalism, separation of powers, and checks and balances. Firstly, we can’t endorse the national government have all the power to decide what happens in each state, that’d be crazy. To let a bunch of people in Virginia decide on what happens in Colorado, it would be unethical. To prevent that, there needed to be a federal government. Each state has it’s own mini-government…show more content…
So as the wise James Madison once said, “...Liberty requires that the three great departments of power should be separate and distinct.”, we divided up the power fairly to keep a balanced triangle of power. In America, we have three branches of power, the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. The Executive Branch is the President and Vice-President, their job is to enforce and carry out the laws made by the Legislative Branch. The Legislative Branch is the Congress, they make laws for the whole country. The Legislative Branch is made up of two sections, the House of Representatives and the Senate, each chosen by each state. The Judicial Branch is the judge of any laws that the President or Congress passes, they decide if the law goes along with the Constitution. Without this system our government would fall into a complete disaster and most likely become a dictatorship. Given these points, it is obvious that the power in our government needs to be
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