Constitution Summary: How The Constitution Affects Tyranny

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Matthew Wong Ms.Yuan History-Duke 12 October 2017 How the Constitution affects tyranny That could happen if the Constitution was not set in place to guard against tyranny. Tyranny occurs when the government has an absolute ruler who rules harshly. The previous constitution, the Articles of Confederation, was not very powerful and lacked many laws needed leading to a decision to forward a new constitution. The Constitution set up different laws to split the power between different powers so that they would never be ruled by a tyrant once more. As such, they split the power between the state and central government, federalism, so that one government does not have more power than the other. Also, the three branches were made to spread power and to check each other so that one branch cannot rule the other. The Constitution also protects the chance of tyranny in congress, by determining the number of representatives in the House of Representatives by the state’s population and each state shall have 2 senators representing them in Senate. The constitution made laws guarding against one power having more than another, guarding against tyranny. Federalism splits power between the state and federal government, protecting each government to not gain more power than another. The separation of power allows each side to have their own rights which grant a “double security” to the people (Document A). The separation of power protects the citizens from tyranny so that the
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