Constitution Vs Strict Constitution Essay

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Compare the history of how we got to our current constitution to something else and why that is so? A constitution is literally a rule book. It states many different things in it. It sets up major governing institutions, assigns institutions their given power, and places explicit and implicit control on power that given to them. A constitution establishes literal legitimacy, it’s the real deal. There are two types of different constitutions, loose and strict. Personally, I prefer to have a loose constitution. The first stated constitution is called a strict constitution. A strict constitution is meant to be taken word for word. There is no mediating between two different points, if the constitution doesn’t say you can do it, DON’T! In other words, “The topic is not open for discussion,” like my parents tell me. If you have a strict constitution, more than likely you are also going to be involved with having a limited government. Secondly, a loose constitution is all up…show more content…
Ruling tribunal, levels of government, political participation, and degree of political freedom are the four items. I believe that the most important to argue over is political participation. Ruling tribunal is the ideals of parliamentary versus presidential. The levels of government are argued because of the fact of how they should dived the power up. Should it be unitary, confederate, or federal? Political participation is how much citizens should be able to participate in decisions that are being made. There are different levels of participation. An indirect democracy is a republic, representatives are elected to make the decisions of the citizens. Lastly, a dictatorship allows only one leader, usually the wisest or strongest, to make every decision. I believe this is the most important because in some cases a monarchy is necessary. While in others, it is important to keep in mind the citizens thoughts and ideals of how they feel about
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