Constitutional Convention History

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After the war against the British nearly all Americans agreed that their government must be a republic. Meaning that Americans did not want their country ran by a king, a queen, or any type of hereditary aristocracy. They wanted to have a government where their views and opinions would be heard and actually considered when laws and other serious documents were created. Americans wanted their new country to have a type of government where they could vote on certain things instead of being told what to do by a king or queen and punished if did not obey them. The first written constitution that the Untied States of America ever had was called the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation was made to give the thirteen colonies some sense of unity as an established county. Once the thirteen…show more content…
Some of America’s most iconic people were at this convention people like George Washington, George Mason, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton. These men played a huge role in writing the constitution. Nearly every man who attended the constitutional convention earned a living for being a lawyer, merchant, or farmers. The constitutional convention was only supposed to last a few days but it actually lasted over hundred days. Topics were discussed and either the delegates agreed on certain topics or it was not put in constitution. After a long hundred days in a small building the delegates finally seemed to work together to finish the constitution that we follow today. This constitution promised Americans certain rights like the freedom of speech, freedom of press, the right to petition, and the right to bear arms. These were things that Americans could not do back in Europe this one of the ways the constitution gave Americans freedom. I think that the constitution gives us enough freedom to express ourselves
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