Compare And Contrast The Virginia Plan Vs The Constitutional Convention Of 1787

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At that time congress had no real power because of the Articles of Confederation the US had adopted in 1777. Congress had to rely on contributions from the existing states. Needing and knowing that a change was needed the delegates from different states met to form a new plan of action. One that would give congress more power, equal representation for each state, form a new structure of government and the way it would run to benefit the United States of America. This is why the convention of 1778 was announced, during this convention two different plans were presented. The two plans that were presented was the The Virginia Plan and The New Jersey Plan. The Virginia plan was drafted by James Madison. While he waited for a an appropriate number of delegates to gather at the Constitutional Convention of 1787. The Virginia plan gave all power to the government. The New Jersey Plan was a proposal to structure the United States Government which was presented by William Paterson also at the Constitutional Convention 1787. This plan limited the power of the congress instead of giving more power. These were two different plans and views. After is when the two perspectives Pluralism and Elitism came into act instead of buying into one and denying the other the delegates worked on…show more content…
As for which perspective better explains the politics of the Constitutional Convention of 1787? I think it would be Pluralism because who attended the constitutional conventions represented people from different special-interest groups .Everyone had different interests, although the first attempt was not as successful. The point is Pluralism had many individuals with different interest groups unlike Elitism.When a constitution was finally formed, it contained a great many
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