Constitutional Defyer Essay

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The Constitutional Defyer The horror of Racism and thousands of deaths. Imagine this being a president of the US. In reality this would be Andrew Jackson the Defyer. These attributes are the description of a disgusting monster. Some of the things of which he did were The Trail of Tears, murdered a man and force Calhoun Veep to resign, and blowing off steam in the Battle of New Orleans. All these horrible traits make a criminal. Andrew Jackson forced Calhoun Veep into resigning and was short tempered, which caused him to duel a lot. Calhoun Veep and Andrew Jackson were lions fighting for territory. They didn’t like each other on bit. This coincidence forced Calhoun into resigning. Andrew did not get along with anyone, hence the nickname “Old Hickory”. He was given this nickname for his rejection against many people. He didn’t want to listen to anyone besides himself. Which leads us to how he killed a man because of his short temper. On a day in 1806 Charles Dickinson was killed by Andrew Jackson in a duel. He had been accused by Charles for cheating in a horse race and insulting Andrew’s wife, Rachel. They both had fired, but both had malfunctions in their guns. Jackson wasn’t satisfied, so he re-cocked his gun to shoot again. This is considered murder.…show more content…
What caused him to hate indians so much was the Creek Wars. He had so much hostility towards them he caused the Indian Removal Act. He pushed this act onto the Senate and House of Reps. so much that they finally accepted it, but when it came to the to the supreme court they turned it down. Even though he was rejected by them, he told that he had an army, they didn’t and went ahead with the act. The tribes that were involved in this were the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and the Seminole. The tribe that was affected the most was the Cherokee. They were all forced to walk 1200 miles for about two months. There were about 2000 indians that walked it and about 20%
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