Constitutional Growth Delay Essay

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Constitutional Growth Delay Constitutional growth delay (CGD) is a normal growth pattern for some children. It leads to slow growth and delayed puberty (the time when children 's bodies begin to mature sexually). CGD becomes noticeable when your child 's peers are in their time of rapid growth and sexual development. CAUSES The cause of CGD is not known. It often occurs in children who have one or both parents who were also slow to develop. SYMPTOMS Children with CGD tend to be a bit short in early childhood, but they grow at a normal rate. They do not have the rapid growth spurt of adolescence when other children their age do. They continue to grow but at a slow rate. They also do not show signs of puberty until later. They eventually do reach a normal height…show more content…
Blood tests may be done. X-rays to tell a child’s maturity may be done. TREATMENT No medical treatment is needed. It is important to reassure your child that normal growth and sexual development will happen with time. Children of this age can be very self-conscious about their bodies. Looking different than others may cause a lot of distress. Listen patiently to your child 's feelings about this problem. If your child is especially sensitive about small size and lack of sexual development, your child 's health care provider may recommend a medicine that will speed up the entrance into puberty. HOME CARE INSTRUCTIONS Avoid teasing your child about size or lack of sexual development. Let your child know if you or other adults in the family had a similar growth pattern. Adolescents doing weight training should use lower weights to avoid stress on growing bones. Follow up with your child 's health care provider regularly to check the height, weight, and stage of sexual development. SEEK MEDICAL CARE IF: Your child is very upset about being short or sexually immature. Your child is avoiding school or other activities because of
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