Constitutional Law Scope

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A. Object and Scope of the Study of Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law in this concept more emphasis on objects which are the subject of studies in Constitutional Law itself. In connection with the definition of the Constitutional Law on the corner of the object of this study Van Vollenhoven (Netherlands) in his book "Staatrecht Over Zee" states: Constitutional Law is the law that governs all people, law-top to bottom, which in turn determines the area neighborhood people, determine ruling bodies, authorities and functions within the legal community.
While Paul Scholten (Netherlands), in his book "Staatrecht, Algement Deel", defines that the Constitutional Law is a law that regulates the state organization or organizations of a country.
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Donner. According to the professor of the Netherlands, the object of inquiry constitutional law is "the breakthrough with the state law" (de doordringing van de staat met het recht). That is, the state as an organization (power / position / folk) intruded by a variety of law. In the study of Constitutional Law was actually there is also a special branch of science that did a comparison study between the various constitutions, namely the Constitutional Law or Science Comparative Comparative Constitutional Law. Interest comparative method was essentially twofold:
To compare two or more constitutions of various countries in order to find the basic principles of constitutional law;
To compare a constitution that can be studied with another constitution or constitutions of other countries in order to understand more deeply the constitution were examined.

In the book Prof. Jimly, he said that m ccording John AlderJohn Alder formulating the scope of constitutional law by asking a few key questions, which are :
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People who study the Theory of State does not obtain results that can be directly used in practice. While studying Constitutional Law and Administrative Law can directly produce something valuable practical knowledge. This difference can be seen from the use of the term "science" that is attributed to the Theory of State, while the Constitutional Law (verfassungsrecht) and the constitutional law (verwaltungsrecht), although it can be done, it is not uncommon people use the term "science" of Constitutional Law or " science " constitutional law.

For those who study Constitutional Law and Administrative Law is no need to explain more deeply about the meaning and principles of the state and state law, because all of it is considered known when studying the State Science. Therefore the experts say that the State Science is the science of instruction for those who want to learn Constitutional Law and Administrative

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