Constitutional Supremacy Of Constitution

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The term ‘supremacy’ signifies the highest authority or rank and could even be defined as being in an all-powerful position. This ‘constitution’ give a meaning of a codified and uncodified body of rules governing the publics and also the government. Besides, the word ‘parliament’ gives the meaning of the national representative body owning the law-making powers within the state. The Constitutional supremacy gives the meaning that the Constitution is supreme over the parliament and can only exercise its roles within the boundaries of the Constitution. Constitutional supremacy is possible only when the rigid and written constitution is provided. This constitutional supremacy is also identified as judiciary supremacy in the scene that the highest…show more content…
The conventional view of the doctrine of parliamentary supremacy is essentially that only parliament has the liberty and freedom to form and invalidate any law as it desires and that no other institution can challenge that right, no matter how absurd, unjust or unreasonable the law is. It is also entitled as legislative supremacy as the legislature is not a body formed by the Constitution neither the power of the legislature is limited by the Constitution. While In the law making power, an unlimited and supreme power is exercised by the Legislature. Whenever the Constitution is unwritten and flexible, the legislative supremacy is…show more content…
The United Kingdom is well recognized to have an unwritten constitution, even though, they do not exist in a single text, like other countries such as USA and Malaysia, the huge parts of the so called United Kingdom constitution is actually written down and most of it being statutes. Thus, the UK constitution is often defined as ‘partly written and wholly unmodified.’ This doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty states about the correlation between the Parliament and the courts and which one is the supreme. It has been stated above that the UK is recognized to have parliament supremacy, but to what extent the supremacy is. Dicey said that the parliament is supreme, which it gives a meaning that under the English constitution, there is no person or body is recognized by the law of England as having a right to overrule or set aside the legislation of Parliament as the parliament has the right to make or unmake any law

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