Constructed Languages In Movies

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Constructed Languages in Hollywood Movies and Television Series “Even more than natural languages, invented languages both reflect and urge the cultures in which they are proposed, appreciated, and occasionally even used”
- Michael Adams

Constructed languages are the languages whose phonology, grammar and vocabulary have been consciously constructed for communication instead of having developed naturally. Constructed languages are also known as artificial languages or invented languages. These languages are created as opposed to the natural languages. Nowadays constructed languages in Hollywood movies and television series have given the concept of constructing new languages a new dimension. In literature, television series and film, many languages have been created by an author or linguist to support the credibility of the story, to give more depth and an appearance to the fictional worlds with which they are associated, and to have their characters communicate in a fashion which is both alien and dislocated or to perform other functions. “In the Land of Invented Languages” by Arika Okrent and “From Elvish to Klingon” by Michael Adams is two of the most influential books on fictional language where they discuss these languages very broadly.
There are many constructed languages of movies and television series that people are well aware of. The main purpose of this paper is to highlight some major constructed languages and to show their influences among common people. Some

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