Construction Scheduling Case Study

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I am making this appeal in response to the sanction that is imposed on me in reference to the case #3788. The hearing panel found me guilty on the charge of complicity in the course of construction scheduling COSC 603:299 and awarded me a grade of F* in the course COSC 603:699 Construction Scheduling for which I was enrolled in Spring 2015 semester. The basis of my appeal is that the sanction on me is not commensurate to the violation. I would like to provide the following rationale for my defense. 1) I have been given F* in the course of COSC 603:699 Construction Scheduling for which I was enrolled in Spring 2015 semester whereas my offense was proven in COSC 603:299 section in which I was not enrolled. The offense was sharing an excel file of my project (supporting file to my project) which was completely different than the project that was…show more content…
The departmental policies made it mandatory for the person who was unable to clear the levelling exam before fall 2014 semester. I was unable to clear levelling exam so I enrolled for COSC 603 construction scheduling in spring 2015 semester and successfully cleared the course with a letter grade C. The department of Construction Science has changed its policies and procedures since then from Fall 2015, there are no more levelling exams taken for graduate students now. According to policies and procedures manual of the Department of Construction Science, a student does not have to enroll for any levelling courses unless he is asked to do so by his/her advisory committee based on his/ her knowledge and courses taken in his undergraduate degree. I would request Aggie Honor System office to please check the policies of the department of Construction Science for graduate students and make a decision regarding sanction to be imposed on

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