Constructive Approach To Human Communication

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Human thought is not neutral, but everything we think and communicate is constructed from a particular point of view, whether we realise it or not” (Steinberg and Angelopulo, 2015, p.34). This statement relates to the constructivist approach to understanding communication, especially is humans. The constructivist approach can be defined as our knowledge, thoughts and view of the world, these views aren’t predetermined rather developed and constructed as we move through the world. However, it may be biased. Meaning is a key element in the constructivist approach. The meaning of the message is constructed through the process of communication and isn’t a fixed sequence. The meaning is determined during the conversation and both parties (people taking part in conversation) are responsible for construction of the meaning and the negotiation of the meaning. Meaning is a never ending process and can affect our behaviours. Differences is cultures and society can result in different meanings and interpretations. This approach is primarily concerned with how the meaning of a message is created and conveyed. As well as how it enables social transformations. The constructivist approach has five key elements that help with the creation of meaning. These arguments will be discussed further in the essay. Body:
The process of communication where a sender sends a message to a receiver and this leads to the exchange of meaning. The five key arguments in relation to human communication:
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