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Criticism is the inspection and judgment of the merits and demerits of a work. Criticism never seems good and there is nothing pleasant about it. Even the critique having best intentions still stings. All of us like to be right, accomplished and correct and when we are not, it still hurts to hear the truth, no matter how nice others critic tries to be. But if you are one of those who struggle to improve themselves, you will value the direct feedback no matter how uncomfortable and painful it is. And as long as the critic is not being cruel, you can actually build a higher level oftrust by providing constructive criticism carefully and empathetically. So whenever you are reviewing a family member, friend or an employee, always give critique…show more content…
It can be demolishing when it serves only a person’s own needs who is a sender and fails to consider the needs of the person on the receiving end. It must be kept in mind that it should be given to help, not to hurt. We also, most of the times give feedback because it makes us feel better or gives us a psychological advantage. Remember: To truly learn to respect yourself, you have to be aware of yourself that what kind of person you really are. If someone gives you constructive feedback, you may use that for self-improvement. Constructive criticism can help you achieve your goal of being a better person. Constructive Criticism Does Not Remind Shortcomings Of A Person As it is described earlier, constructive criticism is directed toward behavior, which the receiver can do something about. And when a person is reminded of some shortcomings, the frustration is only increased over which he has no control. Constructive Criticism Is Solicited Rather than imposed it is solicited. Criticism is most beneficial when the receiver has formulated the kind of question and after observing can answer, or when they actively seek and accept the feedback. Constructive Criticism Is

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