Constructive Learning Reflection

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Abstract I divide my paper into four parts to interpret strategies for developing English learning reflection ability of college students. The first part is to have an overview about reflective learning and the theoretical review of Constructivism, including the concept, characteristics and significance of reflective learning and the instruction of Constructivism. The ability to reflect on learning English is what college students should have, which is important to improve their language knowledge. The purpose of learning this kind of ability is that they can be more familiar with themselves in order to improve their English in a right way. Constructivism learning theory serves as a guiding principle to reflective learning. It emphasizes the concept that teachers are the leading factor while students are the main body. In the second part the paper analyzes the problems in college English study and give the reasons for the lack of reflection. Finding problems is to solving them. By reading bibliographies, I summarize several most useful methods. In the third part is to offer the strategies about how to develop English learning reflection ability of college students, including what to be reflected in English learning and how to organize English reflective learning by teachers’ supports. My thesis finally draws a conclusion that facilitating reflection ability and training reflection methods for the specific students are helpful to strengthen self-driven and monitoring ability.
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