Constructivism In Classroom

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Constructivism is an approach to teaching and learning based on the premise that cognition (learning) caused by “mental coaching”. In other words, students learn by fitting new information with existing knowledge. Experts pointed out that the constructivist learning is influenced by the context of an idea of thought and belief and attitude. Ernest (1999), Brooks and Brooks (1999) offer the following guiding principles of constructivism. They argue that when applied to the classroom, the concept of learning should be viewed differently. Specifically,

• Learning is an active (mental or physical)
Learning should be viewed as an active process in which learners receive information and construct meaning out of the information received. Learners
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This active learning process can also occur outside the classroom. For example, teachers take students to the beach and the students can be invited to discuss the size and shape and texture of the sand and build sand castle out of sand. Teachers can view student creativity in the construction of sand castles. Another example is teachers introduce activities through water games to allow children to explore some of the concepts related to water through techniques such as producing rainbow refraction.
Priority should be given to the active involvement of pupils and on their own in learning activities. It aims to provide a space for students to interact with friends and learning materials widely. Examples can be seen in the activities manipulative skills. Children will be given the opportunity to play with Lego, discuss and collaborate with partners to create a structure. Teachers need to turn the learning environment with a variety of methods so that children feel the desire to learn more.
It is agreed that learning is an active process in which the learner uses sensory input and constructs meaning out of it. The more traditional formulation of this idea involves the terminology of the active learner (Dewey’s term) stressing that the learners needs to do something; that learning is not the passive acceptance of knowledge which still exists but that learning involves the learners engaging with the

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