Constructivist Observation

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In accordance with the first draft I have written about my observation, I would suggest the teacher to minimize her explanation of the lessons and plan and engage the children to learn to think critically and creatively in order to understand the content through different hand on tasks. As I believe, we teachers need to give the chance to the children to think and answer the questions as well. If the teacher plays the vital role in the class, student would find boring to stay still and passively listen to some one. This may create behavioural issues as well. This can be minimized if the teacher plans the lessons and focus more on student centered learning in accordance with the theory “constructivism”.
Constructivist theory emphasizes more
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His behaviour was disruptive for the other children in the same group. The teacher has handled the kid in a way that he has completed his tasks as the teacher has assigned him a task to act as a leader. He was asked to complete his work and collect the working sheets from the other groups. After that he was given a paper to read on magnet and magnetic force which make the student complete his work and fulfills what he wished to find out. This is the reason the involvement of the children are important in teaching and learning.
In this observation I have found out that children were reminded of their regular routines or the classroom rules. So they need to follow them. By reminding children to follow certain rules create less chances of causing or arising behavioural issues.
As they follow their classroom rules, as I have observed that the prayer time fell during their snack time and most of the students rushed to do their ablution and do their prayer as soon as they had their snack. This showed that they are been reminded to follow the rules and those rules are been followed by the children. This behaviour might be copied or imitated as the teacher also prays with the
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