Constructivism Reflection

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The theory of Constructivism best represents my personal educational belief and stance. Mascolo and Fischer define Constructivism as “a philosophical and scientific position that knowledge arises through a process of active construction." (Mascolo and Fischer 2005, p52). In the early stages of my placement in Christian Brothers College Cork, significant emphasis was placed on engaging in structured and critical observation of my cooperating teachers. This involved rigorous reflection and learning with the specific objectives of reflecting on and learning from, their different pedagogical approaches and spending time in “professional conversation” in order to develop the “competencies required” in order to “successfully confront the challenges of teaching” (UCC 2017, p57). It was in these early weeks that I formed my own personal curricular stance as a Constructivist and Process based teacher. In one of my earlier critical reflections I provided a detailed analysis of my cooperating teacher’s use of creative questioning techniques in the classroom and strategies of engagement on a topic concerning the context of which Jesus was born. I took this reflection as a marker towards evaluating whether or not his questioning techniques and overall teaching style constituted a form of a Constructivist teaching. His approach was particularly successful and for me it evoked distinct similarities to the teaching strategy of Constructivism. It had all the hallmarks of this approach
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