Constructivism Theory In Education

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Firstly, I will talk about the Constructivism theory is which known for a long time extends across the centuries. However, according to Applefield, Huber & Moallem (2000) unlike other theories, the Constructivism theory view was that learning is inseparable from the developmental evolution of the relationship between subject and object. More than that, the theory based on observation and scientific study, their view was that each learner has his own way of understanding by builds information and knowledge of the world within the surrounding environment, society and experiencing things which live a significant impact in the construction of knowledge. Nevertheless, the learner in the Constructivism theory builds knowledge within individual mind not transmitted to him incomplete, and then he explains what he received and builds a sense from that information. Secondly, I will talk about the Behaviorism theory according to Ertmer& Newby (1993) the fundamental key in the education process are stimulus and response. Additional, the learner need to recognize how the information and the useful information fitting together before they get into the knowledge. More than that, Behaviorism tend to teach the learner how to act in a different situation in different environments in a different way. However, the learning in behaviorism influences in the type and the quality instructional materials also, the stimuli and consequences inside the environment. In addition, the memory plays a role

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