Constructivism Theory In The Classroom

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Learning theories can be described as conceptual frameworks that describe how information is absorbed, processed, and retained during learning. Various theories are based on many ideologies that can be used for illustrating specific learning situations but not generally speaking. Theories of learning can impart to teaching with the use of different instructional resources including technology, however these learning practices in which the student actually engages in can determine what a student learns in the classroom. Classroom learning incorporates affective, psychomotor and cognitive factors, which theories of learning should take in account also. According to contemporary theories of learning the goal of education is to expand the ability of students to understand the curriculum and to think for themselves. The situation I will be using for my application paper is a teacher giving groups of students a Mathematics question to solve. The teacher knows the result but she emphasises by restating their questions on the problem in convenient ways. She prods each student to think and review their present knowledge. If one of the students arises with a pertinent concept, she focuses and shows the group that this can be a direction to look at and come up with different ways to solve it. The teacher and students then converse on what they have learned, and how their observations aided them to get to the calculations and better understand the concept. The theory I have chosen to

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