Should Kids Be Allowed To Play Competitive Sports Essay

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To most kids and students, competitive sports are a gateway to blow off some steam or to have fun. To parents, the sports that their children play and the lessons that they teach are an important part of their development and life. Despite what many ‘experts’ would like you to believe, both of these statements are completely true. I believe that kids should be allowed to play competitive sports due to the health benefits, the lessons that they can teach, and as a result of the advanced equipment and rules that are focused on making sports safe, as well as the fact that sports can keep kids out of trouble. One extremely important reason that forces me to take the position that kids should be allowed to compete in competitive sports is the health benefits that children who play sports recieve. One example of this would be how in a nation where millions of American children and teenagers are overweight, and the obesity epidemic is…show more content…
Many people believe that in competitive sports most children will get injured, and so those sports are not safe. That is just not true. One reason I say this is because sports can get children and teens from areas where gangs are common from joining these gangs and getting beat up, or worse. According to the President 's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, youth sports can help deter negative behavior, such as joining a gang, because competitive sports provide an outlet for expression, friendship and controlled aggression. Additionally, sports equipment in every sport are getting more advanced, to make the game more safe for the players. To add onto that, many sport leagues are changing the rules that they play by to make the game more safe for the players. In fact, the NFL, US Soccer, and The Rugby Union are all considering or have already changed the rules of their game to minimize the number of concussions all players
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