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Mutants by Armand Marie Leroi Book Report According to Armand Marie Leroi, all humans have some sort of genetic mutations or ‘variants’ however, not all are physical (p. 74). His novel, Mutants, was published in 2003 after concluding his extensive research. Leroi is a professor of Evolutionary Developmental Biologist at Imperial College and received his PhD for his profession from the University of California Irvine in 1994. Therefore, the subfield of biological anthropology he’s in is evolutionary developmental biology. He argues that since we are all a genetic make up of combinations of genes, were defined as mutants. Although, he mentions that not all humans carry rare phenotype mutation that causes deformities on the face or body. Leroi considers biology as an endless field of exploration. Furthermore, he ties in culture along with biology to show how different cultures and time periods reacted to human mutations. Leroi describes mutants not as a “monster” but as a child with a severe, rare, but quite mysterious genetic disorder (p. 6). The first upbringing of genetic…show more content…
He makes sure to break down the parts of what may have gone wrong. In addition, he breaks down the process of meiosis from the copies of each gene variant to what variant caused the mutation. However, he doesn’t just stop at the genetic make up of the mutant, but how common it is in the community. For example, Alzheimer’s contains a variant called e4, which is less common in Africans than Europeans (Leroi, p.327). He built his past research in chronological order from credible sources. In addition, he used the works of various scholarly articles and novels. From his extensive list of resources and his high position in the field of biological anthropology, I’m convinced. The question I would like to ask to better understand his argument is how have mutations evolved, rather than
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