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Customers are individuals with likes and dislikes. When the people in a particular group feel one way or another about a product, service, entity, person, place or thing, it is said to be a generalized consumer attitude that will affect the marketing of that person, product or entity in positive or negative ways. Marketers strive to influence customers attitudes, and understanding the prevailing attitude is the first step to changing it if needed.
One of the major reasons for conducting marketing research is to understand customers’ attitudes. Attitudes will affect the behavior. In marketing, the desired behavior is to purchase a product or service. Marketers need to know what attitude obstacles exist
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Learned attitudes can be deep-seated, emotionally charged feelings that dictate behaviors which can even baffle the person exhibiting those attitudes. When marketers encounter customers with learned negative attitudes, they usually write off those groups as not worth the time and effort to target for marketing parlay as.

Positive Learned Attitudes
Customers who have positive learned attitudes are an automatic consumer franchise for marketers. They tend to exhibit loyalty and purchase frequently as well as defend the product or service to others who may criticize it. They take demerits as a negative reflection of the individual from whom they learned the attitude. The higher the regard they hold the original opinion holder, the more likely they are to hold onto their attitudes about a product or service.

Negative Experience
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A person who has a bad experience with a type of car might never be persuaded to purchase a kind of car again, no matter how attractive the price offer. Customers can generalize a negative attitude toward whole categories of goods and services or even groups and communities. People who eat organic foods might have negative attitudes about non-organic foods. Similarly, someone who got sick from eating too much of ice cream as a child might have the attitude that all dairy is bad. Negative experiences will adversely affect the customer’s

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