Consumer Behavior Vs. Four Factors Affecting Online Shopping

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1.2 Consumer Behavior
Nowadays there are many intensive studies on consumer shopping behavior (Blackwell et al. 2006; Kuester 2012) and the field covers a lot of areas (Hasslinger et al. 2007; Solomon et al. 5 2010; Solomon 2011). According to Kuester 2012 (p.110), consumer behavior is ‘the study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, use, and dispose of products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy needs and the impacts that these processes have on the consumer and society '. Therefore consumer behavior is not just simple dynamic interaction of transactions between buyers and sellers (Solomon et al. 2010; 10 Solomon 2011) but also an ongoing process involved meeting buyers ' needs
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The kind of business online retailer are doing is proof enough that they are providing some benefits to the customer which offline shopping does not give to the customer. These are the factors affecting online shopping:
Risk: When customer purchase goods from online shopping they do not touch or feel the product in a physical sense.Hence we understand that lot of risk is involved while buying an online product whether it will reach us on proper time or not is also a concern and also there may arise a risk of product size and color as it may differ in real view or sense. Sometimes ordered product ordered can be
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Hence the frequency of online shopping also depends on whether they trust a particular site or not. People are different in there nature and thoughts, some kind of people trust online dealing some kind of people are in fear of online dealing. Trust carry a lot of points examples- trust about the same product size quantity weight and security etc.
Delivery time: The product ordered by the customer in online shopping takes a minimum of three to seven days to deliver the product to the customer. Slow or late shipping, for instance, makes customer walk away from online shopping (Comegys et al., 2009). But in the offline shopping, the possession of the goods is immediately transferred to the buyer. So this is a major factor which affects the online shopping. People want a good delivery time; they prefer to get a product in the desired time or in short time of duration. Duration is the second major factor affecting the demand of the

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