Consumer Behavior In Fashion Clothing

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There is a close relationship between consumers and marketing. A clear understanding of consumer behavior can make people have a greater appreciation of the complexity of decision facing consumers. Also it help to provide a better understanding of our own motives and decision processes as a consumers and a sounder choice of products, services, brands and stores(Walters. C, 1989). Better understanding of consumer result in an efficient marketing strategies. The factors that influence consumer decision in fashion clothing can be mainly divided into three variables: Demographic, Psychographic and Socio-Cultural Influences.
Consumer and Consumer decision
A consumer is one who determine personal wants, buy products, and uses those products.
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C, 1989). Every consumer have different need form others. In terms of gender, although there are unisex trend of fashion nowadays, the two sexes differ in their perspectives, motives, rationales, and actions. (John. G, 1992) For example, women like purchase based on future needs while men tend to purchase when the need is immediate. (online1) Moreover, there is different need in terms of different age of consumers. For example toddlers need clothes that are designed for different activities while a newborns need clothe that can sleep in…show more content…
Mood refers to our feelings, present attitude, or state of mind. This is an internal factors on consumer decision making. The reputation of the brand, the experience of the brand or product is a kind of mood that will influence the decision making of consumer. Past experience with products or brand may involve known satisfaction or it may involve known dissatisfaction. (11) On the other hand the environment of store can also provide mood of consumer through the setting, lighting and the services. Someone in a good mood is going to buy more and better things (Walters. C,1989).
Socio-Cultural Influences
Culture as the sum total of learned beliefs, values and consumes that serve to direct the consumer behavior of members of a particular society. (Monie) Fashion and clothing closely related to the cultural context in which they are made. Socio Culture influence consumer through peer, social medias, or marketing. It make consumer wants purchase that fashion clothing in order to achieve recognition (Triandis, 1995).
Any other research conducted by Kacea and Lee (2002) revealed that there is a powerful and consistent influence of culture at both ethnicity level and the individual

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