Consumer Behavior In Fast Food

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With Globalisation and exposure of the people to the outside world, the lifestyle of the people is changing and there is a change in consumer behaviour in almost all consumables particularly with respect to food habits. Many global chain of restaurants have their presence in India and many are following. And also people preference started changing with the emergence of these kind of restaurants. The history of fast food starts with the history of hamburger, as the earliest fast food restaurants had hamburger as their primary offerings. White Castle, an American company started in 1921 sold hamburger for five cents. With its successful inception, numerous competitors started following them. Fast food restaurants are generally which offer take-away or take-out providers, often with a drive-thru service where the consumer can order and have their food from their cars; but most of the restaurants also have seating area where the customer can eat on their premises. The most common fast foods includes fish and chips, sandwiches, pizzas, hamburgers, French fries, fried chicken, chicken nuggets,etc. Fast foods are often prepared in an industrial fashion, i.e. with standard ingredients, methods and cooking process. It is usually served in plastic wrapping or in cartons or in bags. A fast food restaurant often refers to restaurants that sell inexpensive food quickly. The food often contain extra calories, saturated fat and

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