Consumer Behavior In Online Shopping

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With the development of the Internet the concept of E-commerce and E-business became more and more popular. The term of E-commerce was first introduced by Turban et al. (2002). After that the concept of the online shopping as a separate process became more accepted. Nowadays there is a growing competition between physical stores and online e-commerce stores. The researchers tried to determine if the consumers’ behavior is different for the online shopping and what are the main reasons for their purchases in the Internet. For example, Monsuwe, Dellaert and Ruyter (2004) introduced the technology acceptance model to explain the reason for online shopping. They proposed a theory and explained that there must be a reason why the customers prefer online shopping to traditional one. They assume that that reason belongs to one of the two main groups: functionality or emotionality. For example, people will shop online if it is more comfortable and convenient (functionality). Besides, if it provides any kind of additional entertainment value (emotionality). Using this theory we can assume that to attract customers to online shopping in fashion industry the retailers must ensure at least one of those reasons. Another group of authors, for example, Prasad and Aryasree (2009), tried to explain the matter of customers’ trust and how it affects their willingness and strong desire to shop online. They discovered that while trust in the online stores is quite an important factor, the matter
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