Consumer Behavior In Online Shopping

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The Assignment tries to identify the Online Shopping scenario in current market dynamics, specifically on Consumer behavior tilting towards online shopping from traditional offline retails shops. We identified that Price variations, Product and Service quality and Safety and trust strongly impact purchase intents of customer in the retail shops and online shopping. With option of Retail and Online Shopping, consumer has been more empowered to decide on way to purchase of goods and is very important to understand it from a managerial point of view.


Online Shopping has revolutionized the way of shopping experience in urban areas. It has grown from a small shopping cart to giant e-commerce industry, thanks to emergence and growth of faster and cheaper internet services and its availability on the mobile devices. It increases the seller reach to the potential customer in much faster, easier and in economic way. Online shopping is also known by other alternative names like webstore, web-shop, online store front, internet shop, e-shop,e-store, virtual store and online store. Started as a research from a telephonic B2B services between two businesses i.e. suppliers and vendor and have matured enough to take it to end user a.k.a customers as B2C services with online shopping sites. Leading worldwide shopping sites like eBay, Amazon have pioneered in this segment. Also native online shopping site like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Myntra have

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